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    do something out of the ordinary like catch a matinee…



  3. "Silly Nigga Might Lose his Life"

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    Shutterbug (Featuring Cutty) | Big Boi


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    Toro y Moi


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    Mac DeMarco at North by Northeast. See more here: http://bit.ly/T3dMlK

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    ok so basically i was the luckiest person in toronto last night wtf. so i went to The Opera House in hopes of meeting Mac Demarco and getting him to sign a pic that i printed of him and i did end up meeting him and he did sign my pic but then the second after he did that he dropped his lighter without noticing so i picked it up, and then when i noticed him looking for it a few minutes later i yelled his name and showed him the lighter in my hand and he came back over omg. so i asked if he could hook us up with merch since i couldn’t get in to the venue bc i was underaged and he was so chill he was like ‘Yeah, come on!’ and led us over to some boxes behind their lil uhaul thing and just opened them all up and gave us shirts and cassette tapes and the Salad Days vinyl FOR FREE, and signed those too fuclxjg. and then after this the girl i met, who’s name is Margarita (like the drink not the pizza), bc she didn’t have money to get in bc if she did she could’ve bc she’s 21, she asked Mac if he could put her on the guest list and then he just was like ‘Hold on’ and talked to his manager being like ‘Hey could we sneak these two girls in?’ and his manager said she could try to hook us up with working at the merch table and that’s how we got into the show, Mac hooked us up to sell his merch and we ended up getting so much fucking stuff for free like i literally got four shirts for myself and like a few more for other people. i also got to meet Pierce B’) the bassist for Mac’s band and was super cute when i asked for a pic and was just like ‘Sure, but i’m just a dude!’ FUKCILKJCXVJXGI. but ye we basically got to watch all the sets for free and got all the merch for free and i met Mac a bunch of times and hugged him post-show and he was #way2blessed. Thank you, Mac Demarco. Jah bless B’)


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    ms. jackson // outkast

    i’m sorry, ms. jackson
    i am for real
    never meant to make your daughter cry
    i apologize a trillion times

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    The Many Messages of Andre 3000


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    Da Art of Storytellin’.