1. electricsheepdoctor:

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  2. jairorobo:

    Friendcast Mailbag 11-D!

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    The Hype Wolf

    New videos coming!

  3. jedavu:

    Groovy Illustrations Show The Evolution Of Outfits Worn By ‘The Beatles’

    by Swedish illustrator Danilo Agutoli 

  4. naruchigotsu:

    Evolution !

  5. 10 years later. The reunion of the Evolution

    (Source: randy-theviper-orton)

  6. wrestledate:

    Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus and the Jerichoholic Ninja)

    More Date with a Wrestler! 

  7. voicelesschasm:

    i dont know if you guys know but wrestling is good again

  9. kickstander:

    Flyin’ Brian overshoots it. Ouch.

  11. wwe-long-live-pillman:

    There are two types of people.

    And then there is Shawn Michaels.

  12. Summerslam 2009: DX returns.

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  14. We will never, however, use the words…

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